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When you are a parent you want the best for your kids, you remind them how anything is possible in life. My children look up to me so one day I asked myself why not be an example for them. I was not able to go to a four year college for economic reasons, but I love to help people. One day at my husband's former employer they were offering massage lessons, and that is when I knew that massage therapy was what I wanted to do to further my education. I attended VASOM I got my certification and license to perform massages all over the United States. Before running my own business I worked at massage envy, I was given the opportunity to work with great coworkers, amazing clientele that became close friends.
What I do is not only a career, it is my passion, I enjoy what I do. I love that both my husband and myself could do so much for our families and friends by doing what drives us to keep going further with life. 

At Radiant Wellness Massage, LLC, our primary objective is to create a safe, healthy and caring environment for our customers. We always treat every customer as a unique individual, and develop a customized plan to offer most health benefits. 

Our approach toward delivering high quality services allows us to educate customers about the human body’s innate healing capacity. We focus on applying and teaching natural, drug-free and safe wellness / prevention care. 

Our mission always begins when a customer walks into our clinic. As soon as you walk through our doors, you become a part of our family. We aim to create an inviting and nurturing haven focused on healing. 

Our primary goal is to generate positive energy, preserve a holistic environment and provide customers with refreshing energy. We make every possible effort to educate and communicate in the best possible manner. We take time to listen to our customers’ concerns and questions, and explain everything clearly. 

Our strong approach toward holistic healing and massage has allowed us to build a strong reputation among customers. We make sure you don’t experience any problems. Our customer support team resolved all your queries and doubts without wasting any time. 

We understand that every individual is different. Thus, we develop a personalized plan for every individual. This allows us to improve every person’s health, and focus on the person’s concerns and queries. With our services, you will never feel disappointed. 

Our dedicated and committed massage specialists always aim to focus on holistic healing combined with traditional techniques to help you achieve a state of relaxation. When you walk out of our doors, you will be completely relaxed and at peace. This not only improves your physical health, but also your emotional and mental well being. We will be your best choice for high quality and affordable massage services.​

One thing I enjoy about being a massage Therapist is that I am helping others out. I keep myself actively learning and currently offer a variety of techniques, to meet each individual's needs. I can work with your body to get you feeling like you should again. You will find me to be friendly, respectful and professional.

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